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F105-G Thunderchief

F105-G Thunderchief

F105-G Thunderchief



by Jack Hollander



The first thing I did on this 1/48 Thunderchief (by Monogram) was to sand off the panel lines. The original panel lines were raised. Then I went over it and re-scribe the lines.





F105-G ThunderchiefCamouflage is done in Vietnam Era pattern. I used Testor Model Masters Dark tan, Dark green and medium green on the top; Camouflage Gay on the underside.




I sprayed the entire plane with Medium Green first, followed by the Tan, then the Dark Green. I wasn’t able to see demarcations between greens until it was clear coat with Floquil Flat Clear (which is actually a semi-gloss).


A drawback to the kit it that there wasn’t a really decent way to attach some of the parts, such as the horizontal stabilizer and the weapons payload. For the horizontal stabilizer, I used a brass tube through a brass tube so that it turns. Other parts that were “pinned” using wire were the exhaust pipes, bombs, and antennae.




F105-G ThunderchiefI painted the navigation lights Clear Red and Clear Blue. If you shine them with a light, it looks like its light up. MV lenes were used for landing lights and the decals were aftermarket decals.






Photos by Jeff Junker