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Need a Light?

Need a Light?

Need a Light?

By Sydney Gonsoulin


I decided to take the wooden N scale Fallen Barn kit that I built and incorporate it into a diorama – my very first diorama.




My husband had an extra spaceship laying around and that sparked the idea for “Need a Light?”



Need a Light?The space ship I used is the Atlantis model based on the movie Earth versus the Flying Saucers. When I finished the saucer, I added some bling to the upper hull.


The laser beam does double duty: it’s a laser beam and it also supports the saucer. It’s constructed of 3 aluminum tubes nestled into each other. The smallest tube fits over the tip of the ray gun. It’s glue together with E6000.


The tube is not glued in to so as to make it easier to transport. And since it’s not glued, you can rotate the saucier to simulate different attack angles.




If you look closely you can see pieces of the barn in the tree and on the mountain.Need a Light?Scorch marks on the debris was done with Mig pigments smoke and ash for the burnt look



The base came from Hobby Lobby and is sold to be turned into a clock. Red cellophane was used for the flames: Woodland Scenics for the road, grass, and trees. The N scale vehicle is from Classic metal Works



Need a Light?NOTE: Sydney entered this diorama in the Eagle Quest plastic model contest in Dallas.



This model won a Gold Medal in “Basic Division Diorama.”



It was also awarded an Eagle for Best Basic Entry.




Photos by Jeff Junker