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Revell 1/72 Tiger II

Revell 1/72 Tiger II

by Phil Novak


Revell 1/72 Tiger II

As a modeler of primarily 1/35 scale armor, I was a little hesitant to try 1/72. However, once I saw how nicely molded the Revell kit was I had to try it.


The kit was really easy to put together, and the detail was great. I didn’t add any aftermarket sets, as being my first time with 1/72 I just wanted to get the feel of it.



The building is straightforward, and the tracks are surprisingly easy to put together despite the fact that they are length and link. I painted the model with Tamiya Revell 1/72 Tiger IIAcrylics and Vallejo Air paints.

I used the superb Iwata Custom Micron B for all airbrushing. All of the detail painting was done with Vallejo because they go on so well with a brush. Mig Pigments were used to weather the running gear and tracks, and also to make the mud on the base. 1/72 is a great scale, and is not any harder to do than 1/35. Highly Recommended!




Photos by Phil Novak