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Securing Figures for Painting

Securing Figures for Painting

 by Chuck Theidel

Here is a quick tip for figure painters on how to easily secure your figure for painting. After you have assembled the figure, mount it on a temporary base for ease of handling during painting.

I sometimes use a piece of 2″ by 2″ lumber about 3″ high for larger scale figures and usually a paint bottle for 54mm figures and smaller. Three inches is a good height – it is about the width of your hand, making it comfortable to hold, yet not so high that the figure is top heavy. (You could also use a flatter piece and incorporate it into the final base by gluing it on top. The result would give a raised effect similar to the figure below.)

Securing Figures for Painting

Fasten the figure to the base so it is secure but not permanent. I pin the feet into the base by drilling holes in the feet and inserting brass rods which will hold the figure on the base until painting has been completed. For the smaller scale figures I mount them on a small wood base and glue the base onto the lid of the paint bottle.

By mounting your figures in this manner you will have better control of the subject matter. Remember when using flat or matt colors do not touch the figure with your fingers because the oils from your skin will ruin the matt finish.

Photo by Phil Novak. Built by Chuck Theidel