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Staples of Modeling

 Staples of Modeling


by Walt Moore


Ever hear of the ” staples of model building?”

Probably not; I made it up. What “staples…” refers to is the use I make of paper staples to fashion connector ends for lap belts and shoulder harnesses, throttle quadrants, levers, and other handles, that require very narrow gauges not easily attainable by stretching plastic sprue. (I never could do that well. Anyway, my wife always accuses me of attempted arson, or worse, incense burning to idols.)

Paper staples are easy to bend (using pliers)into the shape needed. Since I use masking tape for belts and harnesses, the staples adhere to the sticky side well and are thus held in place.

To me, airplanes, even static display models, are all about flying. Try staples for detailing the interior that makes you want to climb in, strap in, and start ‘er up.