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Using Epoxies and Super Glues

Using Epoxies and Super Glues

by Bob Smith Industries

INSTA-CURE works very well with 3/4 oz. to 6 oz. fiberglass cloth for reinforcing joints. Lay the cloth on the surface and apply drops of the thin CA until capillary action saturates the fiberglass.

INSTA-CURE+ and IC-2000 are the quickest way to repair bicycle inner tubes. Locate the puncture by immersing the inflated tube in water, mark it with a pen or pencil, and then deflate and dry off the tube. Pinch the rubber to open up the puncture, then put a very small drop of gap-filling CA on the hole. Release the tube to return it to its normal shape and then spray the drop with INSTA-SET. Any drop larger than 1/8″ doesn’t improve the seal and with use will crack as the rubber flexes. Reinflate the tube and double check for holes you may have missed.

Hobby paints that are alcohol based (acrylic) can be used to add color to epoxies with little effect on the epoxy’s characteristics.

Saturate the end of rope or string with thin CA to prevent it from becoming frayed.

Cured CA is actually acrylic plastic. Thick CA with an accelerator can be used to quickly build up layers to replace or modify plastic parts. Unfortunately, neither CA nor epoxy works well on most polyethylene or polypropylene, i.e., the flexible, waxy plastics.

QUICK-CURE epoxy works for bonding clear plastics. It will not fog the plastic and if the epoxy gets on the wrong spot, it can be carefully removed with a razor blade without leaving a mark.

Small bits and shavings of plastics can be mixed with INSTA-CURE to repair nicks and other damage to large plastic parts. Once cured, it can be sanded smooth to create a surface indistinguishable from the main part. This technique is used for the repair of vinyl automotive bumpers and allows the recycling of existing parts.

QUICK-CURE, like all other fast setting epoxies, is not resistant to long term exposure of raw model aircraft fuel. It can be used to tack glue firewalls into place but should be coated over with SLOW-CURE 30 MINUTE EPOXY for permanent installation.

R/C car tires that have been bonded to wheels using INSTA-CURE can be removed by putting them into boiling water.

For the application of very small amounts of INSTA-SET accelerator, use our fine tip CA applicator for dispensing one drop at a time.

Loosen and retighten the top of the CA bottle before cutting off the tip. This relieves any internal pressure from inside the bottle, which prevents CA from being forced out unintentionally.

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