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Using Flat Black as a Primer

Using Flat Black as a Primer

by Chuck Theidel

Most modelers, myself included, would always use either a light gray or white as a primer coat. We’d then paint the model according to the subject matter, adding details such as washes and dry brushing.

If you’re not careful when using washes, you may have problems with the wash lifting up the base coat and sometimes attacking the plastic. Instead of priming your tanks and AFV’s in gray or white, use a Flat Black! Then lightly spray the base color over the black primer. You can then start dry brushing. Using a black primer can completely eliminate the need for a wash altogether. Shown here is an example of a Tiger which was primed in Flat Black.

Using Flat Black as a Primer

Also the running gear of a model can be primed in a black, or better yet a dark gray, and the base color can be sprayed in a “cloud” pattern over the gray.

Now a cloud pattern is done by taking the base color and spraying it on to the panels, working as close as you can to the edge, but not covering up the gray over the panel lines. This will give a heavily shaded and somewhat grungy look.

Built by Joe Marcel. Photo by Phil Novak.