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Using Masking Compound

Using Masking Compound


by Chuck Theidel


There are times in modeling when one will encounter some painting problems with such things as aircraft canopies, windows, and headlights. These parts usually have molded on details such as framework, windshield wipers and others. Unless you are one of the few modelers with very steady hands, painting these details can present some problems.


One way around this is trying a liquid mask like Micro Mask or EZ Mask. Brush it on like paint over the area to be protected and let dry. Once it has dried it may be cut to shape with a hobby knife. Remove the mask by lifting an edge and peeling.


If difficulty is encountered in removing it, a small amount of water applied to the peeled-up edge will help break the bond. Or you can press a small piece of tape to it and carefully lift it off. I have used this product and have had much success with it. You can also use it for masking off other details, not just windows and canopies.