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Winter Scheme

Winter Scheme

by Bill Wolfe

I don’t normally do build-up articles as I feel most people have a certain way of building and it’s just not something you can explain. You have to do it your own way. Painting is something else, There are several ways of doing things and people of different skill levels may find a tip they were unaware of. I know that articles like these were of a big help to me when I first started out. This is not to say that I know it all as I certainly do not! I learn something new with each new project.

Winter Scheme

As you can see, several additions were made to this Panzer II “LUCHS” before painting. These include a Jordi Rubio gun barrel, custom tow cable, extra track links, and screens over the rear deck air intakes. None of this has to be done, but it makes a better-looking model. I decided on a winter scheme for this model as I have done one in dark yellow before.

The first thing to do is paint the whole tank with white paint. I used Humbol 22. This model became an experiment as I purchased gloss white rather than flat as I would usually! I painted the wheels and lower hull a dark earth color. This was done with Floquil Roof Brown. This is the first step in the weathering process. I allowed some of this color to over spray up onto the upper hull.

Winter Scheme

It’s starting to look like something, but still has a long way to go before being finished. The next step is to start cutting in the tools and spare track sections. Once this is done the antennas and exhaust can also be painted as well as the main gun. I went ahead and starting the dry brushing too. I used Humbrol 67 tank gray for this.

I want this little tank to look like a dirty worn out work horse when it’s finished, so this one should be fun! With the tracks all rusted up and the dry brushing begun, the little ‘lynx’ is starting to come to life a bit. Still it is just too clean and needs some good old pastel chalks to give it that dirty worn out look.

Winter Scheme

It was fun to build and I think that I was able to capture the look of a worn out and dirty tank in a winter scheme. I plan to put this model on a base with some snow and winter grass. A winter paint scheme unit always looks it’s best sitting on some snow.


1) When painting tools and equipment on the model, slip a piece of paper under the item, as far as you can, to help keep paint from getting on the model.

2) If you like the look of the rust on the muffler, make your own by putting some steel wool in an empty clean paint bottle, then fill it with vinegar and wait awhile (it takes pretty long). It’s the best rust I’ve ever seen!

Photos by Bill Wolfe