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Micro Solutions

Micro Solutions

Microscale makes several products that aid in making decals stick better. For normal decaling, Micro Set can be used to act as a “glue” to get the decal to snuggle down on the surface of the model. It softens the decal to get it to go around contours or recessed areas.


micro solutions


But the first step is to gloss coat the area where the decal is to be placed. This reduces the chance of “silvering”. Silvering is when the decal’s carrier film turns opaque over time. “But my model is supposed to have a flat finish,” you say! Don’t worry – that will be addressed in the final step.


I’ve heard of some modelers who, after a couple of coats of Micro Set, will cut the decal where it covers  panel lines. Then they apply Micro Sol on top of that for an even smoother look as the Micro Sol “melts” the decal making it appear to be painted on.


micro sol


After it completely dries, usually overnight, you’re ready to put the final touches on the decal – a clear coat. Depending on the type of finish you want, you’d use Micro Flat, Micro Gloss, or Micro Satin. These are a reducible acrylic polymers. This is the step where that glossy spot on your model, turns back to flat.


Be sure to read the instructions on the bottle. And here’s a Video that gives you a very clear idea as to how the Micro Family works.



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