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Bizarro Land

Bizarro Land


Not everyone who sends us articles for our website has the distinction of having their own personal listing on the drop-down menu. But then not everyone has the unusual take on modeling that Gil Gonsoulin has.

He is an expert at mixing the unlikely elements contained in an old “B” list movie with contemporary subject matter and making it work. He is the master of the non-sequitur.

He’s got a dinosaur chomping on a tennis shoe while gazing hungrily at a militiaman in a technical. He’s got a recon patrol looking in one direction while there’s a velociraptor right behind them.  And he has a Great White leaping out of the water ready to take a bite out of an airship.


bizarro land

A wind-up version of a Kuragane? Really? Who else but Gil!


Think “I’ll go hide behind the chain saws!” and then you can understand Gil’s masterpieces.

How does he come up with these inspired ideas?

“I built a junkyard scene and then Pegasus Hobby came out with the Alpha Centauri spaceship,” explained Gonsoulin. “It came with a little alien that would fit in perfectly with the scene.”

That scene was developed into a diorama he called “No Checks” as the alien, with check book in hand, tried to buy a flying saucer from the junk dealer.


bizarro land

“I have plenty of checks! Doesn’t that mean I have plenty of money in the bank?


Dinosaurs play a role in several of his creations. “They can be used in so many scenarios,” he continued. “Tamiya has a set of 8 dinosaurs with different arms and legs.”

“Raptor Rider” is another diorama Gil built using Tamiya dinosaurs. The figure was meant to be used on a motorcycle, which was not supplied in the kit. With a little modification, she fit perfectly on the back of a raptor.

The link to Gil’s page is called “Bizarro Land” in the “Hint” drop-down menu of our website. Or you can click on this link:

But first – – here’s a window into the world of the bizarre!

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