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Among the Ruins

Among the Ruins


Jerry Kelly, co-founded of Hub Hobby Shop had another hobby in addition to flying radio control airplanes – –  he and his wife Joyce were amateur archaeologists.  For a month each summer for over 40 years, they traveled to the Yucatan Peninsula and Central America to document Mayan ruins.


among the ruins

Jerry Kelly on the Ball Court at Xochicalco


For them the adventure lay in travelling the trails off the beaten path – or even where there was no path. Modes of transportation included bush plane, dugout canoes, burros, and 4-wheel drive vehicles. Shelter sometimes was a hut with a grass roof. The University of Oklahoma published four of their books on the Mayan Ruins. Not all of their thousands of photographs were in those books. A web site (among the is slowly adding more photos showcasing their body of work.


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