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Rust Recipe

Nothing adds realism to a model than weathering. With armor, the dirtier it is the better. Rusting metal adds a certain ambiance to a tank. Let’s take a look at how Scott Nicholich tackled the task of rusting his Hetzer’s muffler.  First, he dented the muffler before painting it. The next step was to give it some texture by  stippling it with liquid cement.



Now for his rusting technique.  He mixed a combination of 3 colors for the rust: a dark brown and 2 different rusts and painted the muffler. Then he mixed up a batch of his special rust compound: a 50/50 blend of rust pigment and metal pigment suspended in lacquer thinner. He stippled this solution on and when dried, buffed it. He said that the real metal shone. He finished it off with seven or eight coats of Rustall.  A picture doesn’t do it justice; you’ve got to see it in person!

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