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Scale Trains

When you think of model trains, Athearn usually comes to mind. Several former employees of Horizon Hobby (Athearn’s parent company) became the new kids on the block when they formed Scale Trains.

According to company representative Mike Hopkins, “We’re trying to achieve another level that has not been done with our highest level quality brand, but we’re also trying to cater more directly to the modeler.”

In bringing their vision of trains to the model railroad community, Scale Trains offers different detail levels and price points. Offerings include Kit Classics, Operator level, Rivet Counter, and Museum quality. Their motto is “See the Difference”.

Scale Trains


With their Museum Quality line, they even include a magnifying glass for you to perform your own test for their attention to detail. “We’re a new company and as they say ‘you only get one chance to make a first impression. That’s important to us.” continued Hopkins.

The trains are matched to Tru Color paint and use ESU Lok Sound.

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