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Forced Perspective

Craig DiMaggio sent us this photo of his recently completed Bride of Frankenstein. At first glance it seems that Frankenstein brought along some models to work on while on his honeymoon – not a good idea! You can see model boxes in the background of Gorgo and Batman. Those kits are actually on Craig’s sofa in the background, making it look like it’s in the same scale as Frankenstein.



Although this wasn’t intentional, it gives you a good idea what forced perspective is – a technique that creates an optical illusion that makes an object look farther away, closer, larger or smaller than it really is. It’s used a lot in model railroading, where the hobbyist mixes scales. Putting an N gauge building in the background of an HO train layout tricks the eye into thinking that there’s a greater distance to the horizon making the layout seem larger than it really is!

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