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Making Cheap Concrete Barriers

Making Cheap Concrete Barriers


Here’s a quick tip for projects that incorporate roads, such as a model railroad layout or school projects. A common method used to separate lanes of traffic going in opposite directions is a concrete barrier.

The department of transportation has said that the overall height of the barrier should be a minimum of 32 inches.


making cheeap concrete barriers


Balsa wood material called “Trailing Edge” is about a perfect shape for a concrete barrier as anything. The smallest size is 1/8 inch wide at the base and tapers down to about 1/16 inch at the top. The height is 3/8 inch. In HO scale, it would be equivalent to 36 scale inches.

Paint it gray, add a few black scuff marks (or a LOT of scuff marks judging by the ones I see) and you have an instant concrete barrier!

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