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Gundam Style

First it was Macross, then Robotech – – now it’s Gundam Wings.

Japanese Animae has given modelers an almost endless variety of these armored-suited figures with all manner of firepower. To the uninitiated, Gundams are based on a series of Japanese cartoons.


gundam wing


When I first saw the box art, I couldn’t tell what was in it. It was kinda like ‘find Ben Franklin’s key in the photo’. Then I found the guy’s head. From that point it was easier to see what the rest of him looked like.




It’s a whole lot more easier when you look at the parts instead of the art work. The kits snap together and the parts are pre-colored. Most of the folks who buy them usually paint them anyway.


The kit in the photo is Yuuma Kousaka’s mobile suit from the series (of which there are many series) Lightning Z Gundam – Team Try.


gundam gunner


The assembled figure is a Gundam Gunner built by Ricardo Azurdia and is on display at the shop.

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