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Quick Build


How do you get that young one interested in building models? Airfix Quick Build Kits might be the answer.

If they’re already good at putting Legos together, then they might be able to pass up the snap together phase and go straight to the type that require glue.




For younger potential modelers, if you think that the snap together kits such as those offered by Revel Monogram might be a tad too tough, than the Quick build kits from Airfix might be a good bridge.

These kits are Lego-like in construction, come pre-colored, and include stick on decals.


quick build


Here’s a 1/48 scale Hawk that one of our customers put together and has allowed us to display in the shop. As you can see from the detached tail-feathers, the kit goes together just like a Lego.


airfix quick build


Most of the kits available are aircraft: P51, Harrier, Spitfire, Bf109, Typhoon, Apache, and F22. Airfix also offers the Lamborghini, Bugatti, McLaren, and VW Beetle. Size-wise the Hawk measures 9 inches long by 7 inches wide.

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