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Woodland Scenics Just Plug Lighting System

Just Plug!


Every now and then, a product comes along that you say “I should have thought of that!”   .   .   . Such is the case of Woodland Scenics Just Plug Lighting System. It’s no solder – no wiring – plug-n-play with LEDs and only 2 major components: the light and the thing you plug it in to, called the Light Hub.


just plug


Just plug the LED into the Hub and connect the Hub to a power source, which can be either your power pack or the power supply transformer that Woodland Scenics sells.

The basic Light Hub comes with 2 LEDs, but can power up to four.


lighting system


Need more than four? Then get another Light Hub and daisy chain it into Woodland Scenics Expansion Hub, which can accept four Light Hubs.

There are also other extras you can get for the system. There’s a “tidy wire” kit to keep everything neat; a light blocking kit for buildings to kept “leaks” through seams from showing; and diffusing film to give a more mellow effect.


just plug


Plus the Just Plug Lighting System offers lights in different colors and two different sizes. Some even flash!

Here’s a short video done by Woodland Scenics:

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