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Woodland Scenics Ready Rocks

It would be difficult to name a more prolific company than Woodland Scenics. Somehow they always manage to come up with a product that makes a modeler’s life a bit easier.


woodland scenics ready rocks


They hit the mark again with the release of Ready Rocks. Years ago, Woodland Scenics came out with a line of latex rock molds.  They took that idea one step further and pre-cast rocks using their own molds.


woodland scenics ready rocks


Selection includes faceted rocks, Shelf rock, outcropping rocks, boulders, and more. And there is such a tremendous variation in the coloration that it seems that no two are the same!



woodland scenics ready rocks


You don’t even have to do anything to them, but you can add a little more weathering if you like. A wash, perhaps?  While a Black wash is usually the “go-to” solution, a Sepia wash would be more subtle.

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