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Putting a New Twist in DNA

At their Open Houses, the Crescent City Model Railroad Club conducts a Scavenger Hunt to see how many anomalies their visitors can find. For instance, they have a five legged horse and a two headed cow.




Since they run a relatively prototypical railroad (meaning the rules of the “real” train universe apply to their miniature version), they try to logically explain the existence of everything on the layout: it’s called credible plausibility.




In the vicinity of the above mentioned mutants is a Toxic Waste Dump. What better way to account for putting a new twist in DNA. The club layout also has two Bigfoots (but we all know that they’re real and don’t  really need an explanation.)





The CCMRC will have 5 open house days in November 2016 through January 2017. More information may be found on their web site:

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